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Who We Are

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Noble Services was founded in Fresno County, California by Nia Xiong* as an affordable alternative solution to most legal needs. Noble Services provides legal document assistance and unlawful detainer assistance services to people who are self represented. Noble Services also provides substantive paralegal services to attorneys and/or law firms such as drafting legal pleadings, conducting legal research, law and motion work, propounding/responding to discovery requests, and much more.
At Noble Services, we strive to provide affordable, quick, and quality services to all because not every individual has the means to hire an attorney and not every attorney wants to do paperwork.
*Ms. Xiong earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminology from California State University, Fresno and a Paralegal Certificate from Fresno City College. Ms. Xiong is bonded and registered/licensed in Fresno County under LDA Reg. No. X201610000011; UDA Reg. No. D201610000004. 
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